Short Stories

Short story covers a multitude of forms and lengths, from the novella to the extremely brief. Perhaps the most famous short story of all was only six words: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn,” famous for its brevity as much as its content. It’s attributed to Ernest Hemingway, but that’s all it is – attributed. Nowadays it would be called ‘flash’ or ‘sudden’ fiction, right at the very shortest end of the scale. At the other end are stories of 10,000 words or more. I’ve written all kinds and been lucky enough to see some published in various forms.

Here are a few that have been enjoyed by readers around the world.

Unforgettable – published by Retreat West (UK)
Double Aspect – published by (USA) and in print in 2021 in 21st Century Ghost Stories Vol II (UK)
Survivors appeared in the wonderful Geist magazine (Canada)
Amo Amas Amat – published by Moose House in Moose House Stories vol I (the link takes you to a reading of it recorded by Analog Songs. Watch here) (Canada)
Deja Vu, published by the Scottish Arts Trust in Life On The Margins (October 2020). Watch and listen here. (UK)
Hemmingway’s Hat – published by Mystery Weekly (Canada)
The Devil You Know – published by After Dinner Conversation (USA) and discussed in a podcast here.
The Awful Truth about Bay 13 – published by Askance in Positional Vertigo (UK)
Grass-roots cricket in all its glory.