Paid and unpaid, always a pleasure

My first paid-for piece of writing was a book review. I don’t have the book or the review any more but I can recall the book title – ‘Adventures in Programming Techniques’. As an IT professional in those days (we are talking quite a few years back now) I was more interested in such things than I am now. It was a cracking book, one that deserved to be read by any programmer, and I said so. My fee for this amounted to being able to keep the book. And yes, the review was published.

Since then, like every other writer, I’ve written more than has been published and been paid for even less, but it is still a pleasure. Just once something made the front cover of a magazine, that was the family history story of researching my father’s war years.

In more recent times I’ve been luckier, with a couple of short stories being published.

Use the links below to see a selection of work. Nearly all were written for the print media and such work does not always transfer well to the web, where composition and attention spans tend to be shorter. But there are big advantages too, not least of which is the easy access to references.

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A Habit Of Dying


The Death Of Tommy Quick And Other Lies

The Further Bank

Casa Rosa

War Service

The Subtle Thief
of Youth

Short Stories