Family History

So easy to get carried away isn’t it?

This section was going to be little more than a few notes and pointers, after all this is not a family history site and there are far too many people in the family tree to properly represent them here. And then one thing rather led to another, and if one chart was reallly essential then a second would be at least helpful and before you know it there are SIX!

John Edward Holland

John Edward Holland

My family history research started back in the early 1990’s just before the wealth of information on the web had started to become available. And the little that there was could only be accessed via a dial-up modem. How did we manage with those things? As with all family history detectives I have reason to be thankful for fellow researchers who have published their findings in one form or another, but I have never accepted someone else’s findings as fact. Some researchers do very sloppy work and jump from one wrong conclusion to another. Hands up anyone who has never  made a mistake transcribing a record? So for me all 6000 relatives and relatives of relatives in my family tree are all provisional. It is a work in progress and always will be.

Please browse the notes and charts, but look at what you see with the same sceptical eye that I have. If you see something that you think is just plain wrong then please get in touch, likewise if you can add to my knowledge. I would be particularly interested in any information regarding my Wiseman ancestors prior to around 1800.